New Years Eve!

12 Things I have done in the Year of 2011

1. I moved to Park City, Utah and lived in a hotel with some of the best house mates anyone could ever ask for 2. Learned how to ski and snowboard in the best powdery snow you would love to fall in. (Over and over again) 3. Saw Pilobolus for free! 4. Gotten better at keeping in touch with my long distance friends! 5. I saved up and bought my little truck, Tonks 6. I relocated back to San Diego with my family 7. Spent the 4th of July, camping in San Elijo to get pummeled by those Pacific Waves
8. Started a little business selling hand-painted mugs 9. Quit rock climbing. I may still be a little bitter over this. 10. Ate at a bunch of really great restaurants like, Crazee Burger, Urbn, Claire de Lune, Wahoo’s, Swami’s (all in S.D.) and hung out at O’Shucks, Bistro 412, Good Karma, and Alpine Internet Cafe. (in Park City) 11. Started practicing Bikram Yoga 12. Spent all of the holiday season with my family and some loved ones.

It has been a very successful, (challenging) and life changing year! (Those are always my favorite, I mean, perhaps without so much challenge, ya hear what I mean, 2012?) There has been a lot of moving, learning and growing up. I’ve been taught what I want out of relationships, and life. And have also learned what I am looking for from the areas I live.
I hope 2012 is filled with just as much wonder, beauty, scary changes, bravery and kind-hearted souls as this past year.
Yay for New Years Eve! Please be safe everyone! Hope you spend your last night of 2011 with a lot of heart, soul and interesting activities!

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Ugly Sweater Party

A few days before Christmas my sisters and I all went to a long-time friend’s house for their annual ugly sweater party. Nicky and Torrie both went last year and the little one couldn’t find a suitable sweater… So, my problem solving sisters decided to pick up… a tree skirt.
A very ugly, felty, velvet-trimmed, glitter-infested tree skirt.
Since this was such a hit, we have decided to make it an annual tradition.
And this year it was my turn to wear it!

I wish I had more pictures, but I am so happy that Tanner took these!

At the moment I’m rockin’ Christmas socks and a lit Christmas tree…
At least until it is no longer socially acceptable… Like, mm, you think June, is too long?


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Sierra’s Scrumptious Supper

Tonight I made a delicious dinner of chicken, okra and corn. Guess what?
I love okra. The fried kind, you know?

The stuff that is all crispy and delicious?

My sister and I adored it. And may have eaten it all.

Now that my belly is all full I’m debating whether to go out to PB for a little hoorah.
Decisions, decisions.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Makin’ them Mugs

I’ve been pumpin’ out some more handmade mugs for a few orders of mine. Last night a Starbucks Latte got me through the wee hours, and today when I got done with my order I began making an animation for my blog. I love my Wacom. I am so excited to keep messing with it, that it’s kept my inspiration in tip top shape.

Here are a few mugs in my order today. If you are interested in any of them, or if you have ideas of your own that you would like me to put on YOUR mug email me or leave a comment below.

On another note, New Years is coming up!
What are you plans?
I have no clue what I will be doing. This is my first year not having definitive plans. (lame) but I have my fingers crossed that something really fantastic comes along.


Oh and guess what? My ankle reports got approved for my CG physical (I hate physicals. but woohoo on progress!) Also, my friend said my ASVAB scores [the assessment test the military gives] are genius. What?? I know. I’m surprised too, but SO ecstatic.

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